Features of Kipochi

Bitcoin smallBitcoin

We use the first independent non governmental currency Bitcoin as the base for all of our transactions.

Turn's Bitcoin into Mobile Money

No more need for expensive bank wires abroad.

🌎Receive funds from abroad

Your friends and family can finally send money you money quickly and free.

Very low transaction fees

Kipochi will never charge you anything to send Bitcoin to your friends or family. The Bitcoin network itself imposes very small transaction fees of currently $0.24

📱Receive Bitcoin using your phone number

No more remembering long bitcoin account addresses. Just tell people to you send you Bitcoin to your mobile phone number.

Easy to use

Kipochi makes Bitcoin easy. Every other Bitcoin wallet forces you to learn lots of confusing jargon.

🌎Send funds abroad

Kipochi makes it just as easy to send funds to your friends

Send funds between operators

Kipochi allows you to send money from M-Pesa to Airtel to Orange to Yu. Actually we support almost all mobile operators in the world.

Purchase things abroad

Buy web hosting, gift cards and many other things in the US, Europe and elsewhere.

Use on the web

It can be difficult to use your mobile wallet from your computer at home or at work. Kipochi makes it easy.

🌎International independent currency

Bitcoin is the worlds first international currency that is free from excesive inflation and manipulation.

Investment Opportunity

You can invest small amounts in Bitcoin and take advantage of it's long term growth.